Special Report: Emerging Trends in Chinese Architecture

China has long been known for its ambitious architecture. In this report we take a look at the developing trend among leading Chinese architects of fusing ultra modern materials with softer, organic shapes.

New City Flower - Fushun

The 'space age meets nature' trend which appears to be growing among Chinese architects is exemplified in this 280 metre skyscraper dubbed New City Flower. Designed by UA Studio 7, a leading Chinese architectural firm, this stunning building will tower over the intersection of Fushun and Shenyang in a bid to breathe new life into the area.

The New City Flower is inspired by the shape of a rosebud and features half a dozen 'petals' which form the exterior of the tower.  A grass base 'podium' further enhances the organic theme of the building which balances a very contemporary, man-made appearance with softer, natural shapes.

The project, which is one of three new structures in the district will cover an area of 31,000 square metres and offer high-end offices, apartments, a club and two floors of underground parking. The other two structures which make up the impressive trio are the 'Ring of Life', a stunning vertical ring which frames the New City Flower from the South and a five star hotel, which will be located in the centre of the lake.

The Jingzhou Sports Centre

This impressive structure will be situated within the city's urban centre and play host to national and international sports events. The futuristic space will also contain retail outlets and restaurants as well as doubling as a venue for exhibitions and live events.

Chinese practice DUO and China National Sports Group teamed up to develop this incredible space which measures 548 x 469 metres. The three distinct areas, reminiscent of clam shells, offer a gymnasium, an aquatic facility and a training centre.  The futuristic aesthetic is pulled together by a sleek roof canopy that links all three areas.

Eco Bridge - Chongqing Mountains

Shanghai architects, Taranta Creations designed the Eco Bridge, which takes its side profile from a Chinese dragon, to be both functional and beautiful. To be built in the Chongqing mountain area of China, the Eco Bridge connects two mountains with a lattice roof that serves to reflect sunlight. This stunning bridge is further evidence of ambitious structures that, for all their space-age sleekness, seek to reflect something organic and natural in their form.