CCL SURFACE: Jointless Flooring System

CCL has developed a revolutionary jointless flooring solution called SURFACE. This hard-wearing flooring system is proving to be a real hit in the logistics sector, as warehouses look to maximise their capacity by adopting very narrow aisle (VNA) racking systems that require an ultra-flat, jointless, crack-free surface. Here's the rundown...

The past 20 years have seen a dramatic growth in the warehousing and logistics sector around the world. This is partly due to the increase in online shopping, which has driven the need for large-scale warehousing facilities. In addition, consumer expectations of rapid delivery and commercial drivers to shorten lead times have led retailers and wholesalers to hold lots of stock in order to ensure reliability of supply.

Building warehouses is expensive, however, so the trend for maximising every square inch of available space within the existing industrial buildings continues to gather pace. Very narrow aisle (VNA) racking systems are designed to utilise the full height of the building with minimal space lost to aisles. VNA warehouses often use automated order picking and rely on the smooth operation of specialist vehicles to navigate safely and efficiently between SKUs (stock-keeping units).

For VNA layouts to work, the warehouse floor must comply with DM (defined movement) flatness specifications, which requires a flooring specification that can be precision-levelled within an exacting tolerance. In addition, the floor should be jointless and crack free. Joints in a concrete floor not only obstruct the smooth operation of sensitive warehouse equipment and vehicles, they are also the most vulnerable areas. The number of joints in the floor not only affects the construction programme but can also have a significant impact on hygiene, maintenance costs and regimes. A jointless, hard-wearing and abrasion-resistant solution will provide resilience to constant use by forklifts and automated equipment.


Introducing CCL SURFACE

CCL’s SURFACE is a jointless flooring system that helps deliver these advanced warehousing and logistics environments. SURFACE leverages CCL’s expertise in post-tensioned (PT) concrete to provide a floor that delivers the strength and thin profile benefits of a PT slab. Low maintenance and able to cope with heavy loads, the floor is custom-designed by CCL’s experts in a process that includes geotechnical engineering and preparation of the substrate using laser-controlled levelling devices to provide the optimum base for the post-tensioned slab. The use of a laser screed in the slab construction process then provides accurate distribution of the concrete, resulting in an ultra-flat and level floor surface.

Cast as a single monolithic slab, SURFACE can be specified simply as a joint-free, crack-free system; alternatively, additional benefits of laser screeding and specialist polishing to provide a dust-proof, abrasion-resistant finish without the need for any sealants or coatings, can be added to meet the specific needs of the particular environment.


Jointless Flooring System

All processes involved in installing CCL SURFACE floors can be applied to slab on grade construction for new build projects or refurbishment of existing floors with an overlay.

A densifier can also be used to create a permanently bright, dust-free surface and specific colours can be requested to aid demarcation within the warehouse setting.

The warehousing and logistics sector is just one industry where developments in building layouts and technology has led to a need for jointless, crack-free and precision-levelled flooring. The technology is available to leverage the strength and durability of post-tensioned concrete while providing a seamless, low-maintenance floor suitable for VNA layouts and vehicles.

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