The World’s First ‘Invisible’ Skyscraper

The world's first 'invisible' skyscraper is here. Now when we say 'invisible', it's perhaps more accurate to say that the building will have an inbuilt 'cloaking device'. The illusion of transparency will be created by LED screens that cover the exterior of the structure, which are linked to cameras that are constantly filming the building's surroundings. When the screens are turned on, this 'cloaking device' acts as a reflective skin that blends the skyscraper into the skyline. Effectively making the building invisible.

This ambitious skyscraper dubbed . ‘Tower Infinity’ is located near Incheon International Airport, outside Seoul in South Korea will reach 1,476ft (450m.) As well as the novelty of being the world's first invisible tower, there is also commercial reasoning for the skyscraper's high-tech LED skin, as the building's surface can also be used for broadcasting special events and advertising purposes.





Images courtesy of GDS Architects


Rather than get carried along with the 'ours is bigger and better than yours' trend that has been prevalent in Asia and the Middle East for some time, with architects competing for the biggest or most outlandish design,  Tower Infinity is effectively an ‘anti-tower’ according to the architects behind the project, American firm GDS:

Although Tower Infinity is tall, Charles Wee, GDS Design Principal says: “Instead of symbolising prominence as another of the world’s tallest and best towers, it sets itself apart by celebrating the global community rather than focusing on itself."

Infinity Tower is to be used predominantly for leisure and entertainment purposes with a 4D cinema, restaurants, a water park and an observation deck planned.