Smart Concrete Monitoring System Set To Save CCL Customers Time And Money

As part of our commitment to help clients and partners emerge from the global pandemic stronger and smarter, CCL is proud to announce a distribution agreement for Maturix: an innovative smart concrete monitoring system that brings tangible cost, time and build quality benefits.

Designed to provide accurate, continuous, real-time data on concrete strength and maturity, the wireless sensor system reduces the requirement for costly conventional test methods whilst eliminating a number of risk factors to improve build quality and reduce future maintenance costs.

Following the pour, a probe fixed within the concrete measures the temperature every ten minutes, and combines this with the amount of time that has passed since the monitoring was activated to provide accurate predictions of strength and the amount of time remaining until the concrete reaches the predetermined strength.

Using flexible hardware that allows the industry-standard probe to be cut away and left permanently inside the concrete once monitoring is no longer required, the system uploads data to the cloud. The data can be retrieved in real time from any location thanks to simple-to-use online software, which is compatible with any internet-enabled mobile device or computer.

Luke Kani Zihni, Senior Precast Engineer from CCL explains:

“Using the Maturix system can give an accurate, real-time indication of concrete strength. With built-in features such as SMS notifications and predicted curing times, the system reduces reliance on the costly use of cube compression tests to determine the strength at a point in time."

On-site construction teams can use Maturix to monitor concrete strength and maturity remotely and progress the project as soon as the cure allows, rather than waiting for testing or the designated cure period. The industry-standard, disposable thermocouple probe means multiple monitoring points can be used to avoid the risk of high temperature differences within the slab, which could lead to cracking and future maintenance issues. While only the probe remains embedded in the structure, the device itself is reusable, resulting in reduced monitoring costs for each project.

For precast factories, the ability to accurately predict curing times means that slabs can be moved from the bed as soon they reach the required strength, allowing production of the next slabs to begin sooner. This increases efficiency and also prevents heat being applied to the bed for longer than is needed, resulting in energy and cost savings. The integrated dashboard view for screens in the production halls further boosts teamwork and efficiency at the facility.

The Maturix system requires only one calibration test per concrete mix, avoiding the costs, delays and incomplete data associated with the multiple compression cube lab tests usually required. For in-situ suspended slabs it also verifies the strength of the concrete on site, as opposed to under lab conditions.

The deal, agreed with the system’s creator, Sensohive, makes CCL the preferred distributor for all in-situ suspended slab and precast applications in the UK and Ireland. CCL will also be the preferred supplier of Maturix for all HS2-related projects.

Casper Harlev, CEO and co-founder of Sensohive adds:

“The Maturix system was developed in Denmark and is already used in concrete construction projects around the world. We believe it is an innovative solution that will bring significant value to projects and precast manufacturers in the UK and Ireland in terms of cost, time savings and build quality.

“The partnership with CCL is a great opportunity for us: they are experts in post-tensioning and pre-tensioned concrete technology, and this is where our solution can create great value in delivering real-time insights. With CCL’s strong position in the market and its focus on innovation, we are sure that the collaboration is the right step for both parties.”