CCL Helps Construct An Animal-Friendly EcoBridge in Sweden

The Sandsjöbacka Nature Reserve in the Gothenburg region of Sweden is bisected by the ever-busy E6 motorway. With a steady stream of fast-moving traffic and so many wild animals, large and small, in the immediate area, it’s common for animals to stray onto the highway, which poses a serious threat for motorists and the animals themselves. CCL is delighted to have played an integral role in an innovative project to solve the problem.

To stop animals wandering onto the motorway, the Swedish Transport Agency commissioned the construction of an ‘Ecoduct’ to give local wildlife safe passage over the road without endangering motorists.

Ecoducts are typically bridges or tunnels which allow wildlife to cross over or under man-made barriers, and are seen as a progressive way to prevent accidents related to larger animals trying to cross busy highways. The Ecobridge in Gothenburg is just one of many similar projects being undertaken around the world. Indeed, new roads being constructed in wildlife-rich areas of Sweden accommodate the need for animal crossings – whereas older roads like the E6 require need animal-friendly bridges installing retrospectively.

unnamed (14)Courtesy of Tema

The project was first commissioned in 2015 after a period of consultation with a number of local architects, planners and engineers. The initiative was also aided by local environmental specialists who were asked to oversee the selection of appropriate flora, which primarily consisted of local indigenous woodland and grassland species. This helped make the Ecobridge feel like a seamless extension of the local environment to gently encourage animals over the highway safely. Pedestrians are also able to use the Sandsjöbacka Ecobridge, although the primary focus of the project was to provide safe passage for animals like Elk and Deer.

PEAB Sweden, one of the Nordic region’s leading construction and civil engineering companies, commissioned CCL to supply and install CCL XM Multistrand Post-tensioning Systems for the Ecobridge.

Courtesy of Tema

Construction of the 32-metre-wide crossing over this major route was carried out in two stages. The 64-metre-long post-tensioned bridge deck contains 56 CCL multistrand tendons, 28 of which span the entire length of the structure.

The total cost of the Sandsjöbacka Ecobridge is estimated to be around £7.5million, and is due to be completed in July 2018, after which the Swedish Transport Agency will investigate how the animals use the Ecobridge and measure the impact it has on the environment.