CCL Completes Lebanon’s First Balanced Cantilever Bridge

CCL is delighted to announce the completion of Lebanon’s first balanced cantilever bridge. We first reported on this innovative project when it began and now the bridge is complete and fully operational. Take a look at the project video to see the breathtaking way in which the bridge became a reality.

The original bridge design, prior to CCL's involvement, was to feature a steel structure that spanned 100 metres between two mountains, crossing a deep canyon below. The site’s location and geography, however, presented several construction difficulties and it was decided that the cost to build and maintain the proposed steel structure was prohibitively expensive.

Instead, CCL designed an innovative solution; a bespoke balanced cantilever bridge, engineered using post-tensioned concrete instead of steel. A change in direction that addressed both the logistical and financial challenges associated with the original design.

Our alternative, less expensive and lower maintenance solution resulted in CCL being contracted to construct the bridge – the first of its kind in Lebanon.

Using proprietary XM and XF post-tensioning systems and individually-designed specialist machinery, CCL constructed Qorsaita Bridge using the balanced cantilever segmental method, where the structure is cantilevered from both ends while isolated bridge footings hold the counterweights, which are, in turn, secured using CCL-designed and manufactured bridge bearings. Single-cell box girder segments were used to form the bridge deck.

The striking 100-metre long structure now spans the 400-metre deep ravine between the two towns of Bqarsouna and Qorsaita in Sir El Daniyeh, cutting the distance needed to travel from one town to the other from 12 km to 2.5 km. The bridge has also slashed commuting times between 35 local villages for the area’s 100,000 inhabitants. The construction of Qorsaita Bridge was completed in 2020.