How do you add a whole new structure to the top of an existing high-rise building? Simple. You call CCL. With a global reputation for specialized engineered solutions, it was no surprise that CCL received that very call, to help construct a massive extra level on top of an existing skyscraper - to accommodate nine private sky villas and an infinity swimming pool. (Naturally - this is Dubai after all.)

The building in question is the Amesco Tower, which is set to become an iconic landmark in the centre of Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai. Once completed, the Tower will be a mixed-use development, split between commercial office space and residential apartments, arranged over 50 floors with 4 basements.



The client approached CCL in late 2016 with a brief to crown the existing building, already standing at 49 storeys high, with an additional structure. The complexity of such an undertaking cannot be underestimated. Engineering a structure of this nature nearly 580 ft up, on top of an existing tower, requires meticulous, specialized engineering. CCL got to work.

The CCL team considered a number of options at concept design stage for stability, horizontal movement, deflections, thermal properties, vibration and vertical elements. A series of specialist studies was carried out because of the complex geometry involved.  Rigorous assessment and testing during these early stages not only meant that several design issues were identified and addressed, but that the final plan was the safest, most cost-effective and as structurally efficient as possible.


amesco-tower-hero-1920 (1)


As you may be able to see from the film, the Amesco Tower's main structure is formed by two concrete core walls. These are set 52 m apart. The top section of the building, level 50, is formed by CCL transfer concrete box girder beams, elevated 20 m above floor 49 and spanning 52 m - supporting two levels of steel building structure (and the all-important infinity swimming pool.)

CCL is delighted to be part of the development team behind such an iconic addition to the Dubai skyline. It's nice to think that maybe, one day, a resident in one of those private sky villas, might find themselves wondering about the level of planning and engineering that went into them being able to relax in an infinity pool, nearly 650 ft in the sky.

Probably not.

The Amesco Tower is due to be completed in December 2018.