CCL Builds First Balanced Cantilever Bridge in Lebanon

CCL is delighted to announce that Qorsaita Bridge, the first ever balanced cantilever bridge to be constructed in Lebanon, will be completed in early 2019. The 100-metre-long bridge, which was designed and built by CCL, is currently in the final phases of construction in Bqarsouna, Lebanon.

Qorsaita Bridge stretches over a 400-metre-deep valley and cantilevers from both ends, without the use of scaffolding. Located in Sir El Daniyeh in the North of Lebanon, the structure, once completed, will connect the two small towns of Bqarsouna and Qorsaita.

The bridge was originally designed as a steel structure, but provisional surveys identified potential construction problems, mainly due to the remote location of the site. It was also thought that steel construction would prove cost prohibitive, both in terms of the initial build and future periodic maintenance.

With steel ruled out as the primary building material, CCL proposed using post-tensioned concrete as an alternative. This not only solved the logistical issues but proved to be much more economical in terms of the initial construction costs. Another huge benefit of using post-tensioned concrete is that the bridge will need very little maintenance in the future.


The bridge was designed by CCL’s specialised engineering division and is being constructed using the balanced-cantilever segmental method. This incremental construction technique utilises CCL’s XM and XF post-tensioning systems, specialist machinery, and individually-designed, hydraulically-operated form travellers. Isolated footings at both ends of the bridge will hold each counterweight using CCL's specialist structural bearings.

Upon completion, the structure will improve commuting time between the 35 villages in the district, currently separated by the deep valley. The new bridge, scheduled to open early next year, will reduce the distance between Bqarsouna and Qorsaita from 12 km to 2.5 km for the area’s 100,000 inhabitants.